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Justice For Wrongly Prosecuted Muslims - A guest editorial from Steve Downs, an appeal to our new President Obama to right the wrongs of the previous administration and defend the Bill of Rights, 1/3/09, from

What America Needs To Do - Yassin Aref still admires the country that falsely declared him a “terrorist” and offers some excellent advice, 2/16/08

Dead Life In A Political Prison - At great risk to himself, Yassin Aref describes the interior of his federal cage... an Albanyweblog exclusive report, 10/14/07

A Letter From Yassin Aref - The celebrated victim of government terrorism struggles with his fate, 10/21/07

The Terrorists Are Coming for You - The bogus convictions of a Muslim cleric and a businessman are a serious defeat for all patriotic Americans, 10/19/06

Other Sites of interest

Muslim Solidarity Committee - Committee formed to support Yassin Aref and Mohammed Hossain, two Muslim men from the Capital District of New York (Albany) who have been framed up by the US government and convicted in a campaign of fear and hatred.

Dhafir Trial - Site supporting Dr. Rafil Dafir of Syracuse, NY, who was convicted of raising money for Iraqi children.






April 17, 2009

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