Yassin's Writings

Open Letter to President Talabani, 5/21/09

Yassin Aref's New Year's Letter, January, 2009

Congratulations, 11/5/08

Open Letter to President Barzani, 10/15/08

Letter Written for Albany March, 8/22/08 (read by Kathy Manley), and for Muslim Innocence conference, 8/23/08

I Am Not Surprised, 7/7/08

In the Shade of a Tree, 5/14/08

Honest Mistake, 5/5/08

Expert Testimony, 4/11/08

Hypocrites – Men With Two Faces, 3/27/08

A Century Behind, 2/24/08


One Day and Every Day, 1/13/08

Islam And Humanity, 1/28/08

Proverbs from Kurdistan, 1/22/08, To know a nation you have to read its history, study its culture and understand its situation. One of the goals of my web site is to help you to appreciate Kurdistan – the largest “stateless” nation in the world.

One Day and Every Day, 1/1/08, description of daily life in prison in the CMU, Communications Management Unit

Another Opportunity Lost 12/8/07 - People from Albany, NY, have been attempting to visit Yassin Aref in prison. Since May, 2007, he has had only two visits.

Visiting the Dentist, 11/24/07, description of dental care at the CMU, Communications Management Unit

Dead Life In A Political Prison - At great risk to himself, Yassin Aref describes the interior of his federal cage... an Albanyweblog exclusive report, 10/14/07.

May 21, 2009

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