Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Rounded Up


Son of Mountains

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Son of Mountains

Waiting for Mercy

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Waiting for Mercy




I Am Going Back

I go back
empty handed,
with a broken heart
which is on fire,
full of love and dreams

I go back
looking for reunion
with my dear and near people
hoping to end
twenty years of exile's pain

I go back hoping
"these whom I will never forget"
are still alive
and I will see them again

I go back
with the Sun
to end the night of my land
with a mission
to heal my people's wounds

I go back
to visit my mom's grave
to see the ruin of my father's house
to be in my birthplace
to rebuild the school
of my childhood

I go back
to refresh my memories
to write my journey's story

I go back to my stateless land
I still have some time
to serve my people and
to raise the flag!


ba dasti batalawa
ba DLI shkawawa
ka PR LA ashq o hiwaw Agra

"ta bbinn kaso karo didakam"
ta hasrati bist sal durry
LA dil darkam

baw hiwayae
"awanay qad ka birm nachnawa"
mabn o Brian binmawa

amawe bbm ba xor
no shawi wulatakam
amawe bbm ba hatwan
no briny milatakam

go sardany gory daykm
go bininy kalawakay Mali bawkm
no jwangay xoshawisteem
no qutabxanay mnaleem

ta birawary tamanm
new kamawa
ta yadgary jianm

go wulata be alakam
baw hiwayaei
shte LA tamanm maybe
no xzmaty
gala be charaw be nawakam.