Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Waiting for Mercy

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Like Qanie*
prison to me
is a school.
I am content
living free
behind these walls.

Like Mandela** and Apo***
after decades
of life and self-reflection,
after decades
of thinking and meditating,
after decades
of reading and studying theories,

now I can say
without any hesitation
that revenge is nothing.
Rather than going back
to the Dark Ages
the solution
and the way forward
is only peace and coexistence.

* Qanie is the pen name of a classical Kurdish poet. The word, originally Arabic, means “satisfied.” One of Qanie's poems is about him being content to live in prison for standing up and defending his people and their rights and freedom.
** Nelson Mandela, South Africa's leader, who spent almost three decades in prison, then came out as a reformer. He became a symbol of peace and the example of coexistence.
*** Apo (Abdullah Ocalan) is a Kurdish revolutionary leader, thinker, and reformer who called for peace and coexistence while still living behind bars in Turkey.