Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Flying to Rumi's World: Soul's Journey

for Sean

Even though life is fortune
yet it is full of misfortune
that is why we’ve ended up here,
behind these prison walls

fences kept us together
handball, volleyball,
ping-pong, soccer
tied us even closer

then together
we broke all barriers––
language, culture,
race, color,
class, ideology
as we unveiled
our true humanity

until now, and forever
ignorant people
do not understand
how and why
we are intimate friends

we turned our cells into a classroom
the prison into a university
we read about almost everything––
art, philosophy,
literature, history,
biography, poetry,
science and the universe
as we watched on DVD
many of the "Great Courses"

sometimes we turned our cells
into a temple
we shed tears
as we prayed
to overcome our fears

we turned our cells
into a party hall
we listened to music,
we danced, we laughed
and we sang our songs

our cells were just a corner in a jail
like a small cave
cold, dark, damp,
full of loneliness
full of pain
full of worry
it was not easy at all

we fought in frustration
until we lost our consciousness
then after we regained our composure
we laughed
at ourselves
at our situation
at our cell and prison
at life and the universe

we converted into mystics and Sufis
we sat very silently
we closed our eyes
allowed our souls to fly
way above the prison
out of the entire world
to meet Rumi
in his unlimited world
where there are no rules or regulations
where nothing at all is forbidden

the peaceful world of Rumi
was neither imaginary
nor was it ever empty
I have been there
I saw no hate, no rancor
it was the world of peace and beauty
where people are really free
it is the world
where everyone is truly happy.