Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Rounded Up


Son of Mountains

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Son of Mountains

Waiting for Mercy

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Waiting for Mercy





You are born free.
Don't live like a slave
and don't die like cattle.

Yes, you are free
say whatever you want
but don't utter the truth
and don't criticize authority

Yes, you are free
say whatever you like
no one is listening to you
except the police and "security"

Yes, you are free
speak your mind
tell your heart
but for sure, in the East,
all will be translated
into Russian and Chinese
and in the West
you are always broadcasting
to all the secret agencies

Yes, you are free
enjoy your life
live for yourself
die by yourself
forget about reality
and never worry
about justice and peace,
the people, the country

This is the time of freedom
we are all living free
but in the houses of glass
nothing is left as "private"
and the watcher who is observing
is not a respectful angel
rather, a satellite or a drone from the sky
or an ill and wicked person,
an agent of a so-called
"private security company"
or a spy from a "secret agency"