Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Rounded Up


Son of Mountains

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Son of Mountains

Waiting for Mercy

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Waiting for Mercy




Long Walk to Freedom

dedicated to Nelson Mandela

son of Africa
who rose high
and became
the Sun of the entire world.

He is the pope
for all freedom seekers
he is the hope
of peace and the future.

Mandela was the leader
who transferred
pain and suffering
into hope and the future,
hate and discrimination
into love and reconciliation,
resistance into victory,
division into unity.

What a shame
when our leaders claim
they love and admire Mandela
while leading their own nations
in the opposite direction!
They are haters, revenge seekers
lost in the past
without any vision
for building the future.

Today the entire world
because Mandela is gone
but he will remain in our memories
now and forever
he will be
the bright chapter
of every book on history.