Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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dedicated to Carl Strock

Dear Carl,
What you did
every journalist should do
you asked
a "forbidden question"
you examined
your "given information"
you doubted
the authority's narration
you spoke
for an accused person.
Be proud and stand tall,
this is victory, not a "fall"

"Big Brother,"
while watching everyone,
sends our sons and daughters
to fight and die
"for freedom and democracy"
yet here at home
they level a whistleblower
as "traitorous" and "a danger"
they see the truth-speaker
as a threat and an enemy

Look what happened
to this great nation
after 9/11
Bush turned this country
into a police state
there are dozens
of intelligence agencies
all spying on citizens
yet our schools
look like a frontline
every day there's gunfire
our children are dying

We know from history
many freethinkers died
because of their philosophy
many scientists were crucified
because of their discoveries
many scholars were jailed
for criticizing authority
this is the law of nature
always there's a trial
for the truth speaker

Dear Carl,
As a journalist and writer
you are a pillar
of democracy,
the eyes
of the people,
the voice
of a victim,
the protection
of the nation,
the check and balance
of the system
but to the authorities
you are a real enemy
they’re frightened of your pen
they hated your column
because they know
what they are doing is wrong
they don't want people
to know that!