Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Son of Mountains

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Waiting for Mercy

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He Is His Father's Son

I read in the history
what Hulagu* did in Baghdad
I saw the pictures of Belgrade
I know of Hiroshima, Nagasaki
I am aware of Rwanda
I remember Sarajevo
In my beloved country
I saw Anfal and Halabja
I experienced tyranny

But what I see in Syria
is the real hysteria
Here the brutal ruler
(president of the republic!)
who claims to be a reformer
is moving his entire army
from one city to another
to slaughter women and children
genociding his own citizens
blood flooding the floor
smoke covering the sky
the world closing its eye
leaving more innocents to die
women and children crying
where is the superpower?
where is the United Nations?

I am puzzled
in front of these massacres
I don't know who to blame

I read in Arabic wisdom:
“It's not a shame
for a son
to be just like his father.”

*Hulagu was a Mongol commander who led the Siege of Baghdad in 1258 when the Caliph refused to submit to the invaders.