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Open Letter to Occupy4Prisoners

Dear Friends,
Maybe some people confused by the mainstream media do not understand what you are standing for and why you are here! A few billionaires who do not know what it means to be hungry because they've never missed a meal, or some millionaires who've never experienced a cold night, never faced any threat, or were never forced to leave their houses for not being able to pay their mortgages, may not understand what you are asking for and why you are here. But I would like to assure you that:

1. Hundreds of political prisoners like myself, and thousands of our family members who are suffering with us, and tens of thousands of other prisoners who are enduring inhuman sentences as victims of the broken justice system, and millions of their beloveds who suffer with them––they understand what you are standing for, and are praying that you continue until you bring fundamental change to our justice system and an end to the prison industry.

2. Tens of thousands of our youth who cannot find jobs and have no means for college and no reassurance of being able to build lives or futures––they understand why you are shouting, and are hoping that you continue until you bring real change to our education system.

3. Millions of our suffering elderly, who lack retirement or health insurance plans and who live in pain unable to afford care––they understand what you are here for, and want you to continue until you bring fundamental change to our Social Security and health care systems.

4. Tens of thousands of parents who have lost loved ones to war, and tens of thousands of veterans who have still not recovered from the horrors they've experienced, and tens of thousands of our sons and daughters in harm’s way in foreign countries––they understand, and are telling you to continue until the wars are stopped and our foreign policy is changed.

5. Tens of thousands of children torn from their families by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and millions of those who are facing the same fate and who fear deportation––they understand why you are protesting, and beg you to continue until their nightmare ends and their dreams come true.

6. Tens of thousands of people from the Middle East who have experienced many wars and who saw what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan understand why you are asking for peace, and they ask you to continue until you bring your sons back from harm’s way and prevent another war (attacking Iran, maybe) that will burn the entire Middle East and beyond.

7. Hundreds of millions worldwide admire America, but they are confused about its foreign policy. They are learning from you that there is a huge gap between America as a nation and American government, between the American people and American corporations. You are teaching the world the difference between this nation and those who represent it on Capitol Hill. A Marine Corps veteran of Iraq said that if his family knew what he was doing there, they would denounce him!

Dear friends, independent scientists and thinkers assure us it's time for real change: the fundamental one, the one that our politicians have no will to accomplish without pressure from people like you. The change which, if we fail to bring it, will not allow our nation to stand tall among others, and without which our children and grandchildren will suffer.

From my cell behind the walls, I am calling upon you to continue your peaceful and civil disobedience until you bring about that change, and close the gap between the people and those representing them, between this nation and its government, between its beliefs and its policies. The nation is like a ship piloted by its government. If we allow them to wreck the ship, we will all drown. But if we prevent them, then we will save them and ourselves with them.

Thank you very much for all you have endured and for the sacrifices you've continued to make.

Please remember that
You are not occupiers
You are freedom fighters, you are justice seekers, you are nature’s lovers, you are the hope for change, the real one, the fundamental one, the one that will save our nation and the one that we need right now.

Yassin Aref
A political prisoner from B.O.P