Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Waiting for Mercy

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There, devils live in the dark.
People are still scared of night
because it is full of danger,
monsters, hungry wolves,
stealthy drones, shooting stars,
snowstorms, invaders' armies,
all surrounding my village,
threatening our existence,
terrorizing our children

There, people are still dreaming
of seeing the flag of their nation
fly atop their mountains.
There, people are still waiting
to see peace and security,
to carry their real identities.
They are looking for the dawn of a new day,
to see the sun rise,
to reach the dreams of their fathers,
to live free with dignity

There, still in the daylight,
people on sidewalks and streets
will vanish and disappear
No one will know what happened to them:
did the earth swallow them,
or have they been kidnapped by jinn?

There, hospitals are still without
electricity and supplies,
schools are waiting for teachers,
prisons are full of innocents
and political dissidents

There, if anyone criticizes
the system and authority,
he's unfaithful and unpatriotic
or the enemy's agent!
Love and picking flowers
are immoral and forbidden

There, democracy is just a name,
elections and votes are the game.
The president is like a king,
he's glorious and a holy man,
he can never, ever be replaced

There, politics is business––
there, blood is cheaper than oil!
People, principles, country, history––
everything is always for sale!

Yet here
I am a stranger,
my heart aches,
my mind thinks,
my soul cries.
I wish I could fly
and go back there
to be with my beloved,
to die in my country,
to dissolve back into its soil
and remain there forever.