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I am never alone
You are in my heart and mind
Wherever I go
you are always with me.

Your picture
is engraved in my heart
Despite my situation, your face
never leaves my imagination.

Your words
keep ringing in my ears
Your memory
is my soul’s food and energy.

Without you
my life has no beauty
Without you
the entire world is empty.

I was hopeless
struggling to survive
until you
entered my life

I am always busy
day and night thinking of you
Without you
my heart is never happy

Just like Nali**
from this world
Habiba*** is all I need
It’s my honor and pleasure
to be the soil and dust
under Habiba's feet.

* This poem was originally a song that I wrote in Kurdish.

** Nali (1800–1873) is the pen name of Mala Khidir Ahmad Micayali, a famous Kurdish classic poet and Sufi scholar. He was from the village of Khako khol (“soil and dirt") in Sharazur in Sulaimanyia Province, Iraq.

***Habiba is an Arabic word for "beloved," and a famous name for a girl. Kurdish historians and writers have different opinions about who Habiba really is in Nali's poems. Some say Habiba is a metaphor, that Nali as a Sufi used the name Habiba to describe Prophet Muhammad and to sing about him. Others say that Habiba was a young girl who fell in love with Nali when he was an old man. Whether Habiba was real or a metaphor, no one can deny that Habiba filled Nali's heart with love, and that love produced all his beautiful poems that enriched Kurdish culture and made him a shining star in the sky of Kurdish classic poems.