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Son of Mountains

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Waiting for Mercy

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If You Are Not There

If You are not there,
we don’t know
where we came from,
why we are here,
and where we are going

If You are not there,
why does the earth keep circulating?
who holds the sun in the sky?
who’s creating the galaxies?
who keeps them together?
who’s giving them energy?

If You are not there,
we are sitting in a plane
flying without a pilot,
we are traveling on a train
that no one is driving.
No one knows where it’s going,
no one knows when it will stop!

If You are not there,
nothing ever makes any sense.
Doing good or bad,
being happy or sad,
life and death,
war and peace––
all are meaningless!

If You are not there,
who made the law of nature?
who put this world in order?
From atoms to galaxies,
who built this precise relation
between all the creatures?

If You are not there,
human philosophy has no value,
all theories are invalid,
we can't find any answers
for our basic questions––
we just mumble like a child.

If You are not there,
who made humans to be the best?
why is the sky, the sun, the air,
the earth, the trees and animals,
everything in the universe
serving our interest?

If You are not there,
why, in the time of fear,
when we have no means to fulfill our needs,
or when someone’s going to die,
his heart waits for miracle
and his eyes look at the sky?

If You are not there,
what is the reason for being?
what is the benefit of existence?
Some are poor, others are rich,
some are healthy, others are sick,
some are in jail, others are free,
some are handsome, others are ugly,
some are female, others are male––
but no one knows his destiny!

If You are not there,
there is no meaning or benefit
for us to come and go here.
This life is full of injustice,
accidents, pain and sorrow.
If there is not a hereafter,
then justice and equality
will never take place
nor become reality!

If You are not there,
if You are not in heaven,
if You are not in control,
whatever I see on this earth
will explode my mind,
stop my heart and dry it up,
demolish my spirit and soul.

If You are not there,
if not for Your existence,
who is the source of life?
who brought us to the earth?
how we can go back to heaven?

If You are not there,
if there is nothing after death,
if a wrong-doer and a wronged one,
if a killer and the victim,
if a good man and a bad man
all have the same end,
if they just die and become dust--
what is the wisdom of existence?
where is justice?

Glory to You in the heavens!
I know You are all-wise,
I know that when we return to You
You will have compensation for us,
that whatever we do here,
good or bad,
will be our destiny.
That will be our payback.