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from Son of Mountains: Martin Luther King

History is full of kings
Who sought power,
And all that power brings––
Palaces, food, women,
Drinking and pleasure.
I do not love these kings,
And put my faith only
In the King of heaven,
While on earth, humans need
A leader to serve––not enslave.

Martin Luther King was different.
He was a real king––a leader who
Served, and taught, and gave, and never
Took favors from others,
Or sought power for himself.

He was a victim of racism,
But still he kept faith
In his vision that all people
Are equal as brothers
Having the same father.

He had a dream to one day
See them all gathered together
Living free with dignity
Supporting one another
As equals under the law
Now and forever!

I love now two kings:
The great King in heaven
And my brother Martin Luther,
Who struggled on earth to bring
God’s justice and peace to all.

from Son of Mountains, My Life as a Kurd and a Terror Suspect by Yassin Aref.
© Copyright 2008 by Yassin Aref. All rights reserved.