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from Son of Mountains: Sheikh Uthman

Today is the day of mourning
Kurdistan is quiet and sad
People are waiting,
Searching for the way
Looking always for
People all whisper to each other
Sheikh Uthman is on his way
Coming back from Damascus in Sham,
Coming home to Halabja.

Oh, great Guide––
Sheikh, Imam and teacher––
Open your eyes for one last time.
See how you plan has unfolded,
See what your preaching has brought

Oh Halabja, City of Peace,
Will it be poisonous gas
Or Sheikh Uthman himself
That will make you known to everyone
All across the world?

Oh Sharazur
Be proud and happy––
Tell Ibn Salah
That the great scholar Uthman
Today is coming to be his guest

Oh Halabja,
Raise your head up
Even higher than Hawramans Mountains.
It is enough for you to be proud
That you brought up for the Kurds
And all Muslims and the world
Such an Imam and scholar.

- Sham is the ancient land that is now Syria.
- Sharazur is the area in Sulaimaniya Province in which Halabja is located. It was also an ancient city.
- Ibn Salah was a scholar of Sharazur Province who lived 500–600 years ago. His most famous book is Ulom Hadith (Science of Hadith), the latter being oral traditions relating to the words, deeds, and teaching of Prophet Mohammad.
- The Hawramans Mountains (the Avroman Range) are about thirty miles from Halabja.

from Son of Mountains, My Life as a Kurd and a Terror Suspect by Yassin Aref.
© Copyright 2008 by Yassin Aref. All rights reserved.