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Waiting for Mercy

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from Son of Mountains: Real Spring

This is our birthday
The beginning of new life and new history.
Joyfully we welcome you
With all our beloved peshmerga
Back to your homes in our city.
Look at the smiling nergz [lilies]
Sending us the glad tidings
Nawroz is coming! Nawroz is coming!
Now it is the real spring.

Your face has the look of fear.
Forget the past. It is over.
Our people––our nation,
Black and white, rich and poor
All are coming together.

Give me your hand
We must go back to the mountains
To find uncle’s grave
Raise the flag above his head
Let him and all his murderers know
That now we are free
And this is the fruit of their blood.


from Son of Mountains, My Life as a Kurd and a Terror Suspect by Yassin Aref.
© Copyright 2008 by Yassin Aref. All rights reserved.