Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Son of Mountains

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Waiting for Mercy

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You and Me

You are wanderers from Palestine
I am a vagabond from Kurdistan
Your mission is to end occupation
My dream is to free a nation

Your land witnessed the divine origin of God's given prophecy
Now it bears the perpetual suffering of children of different kinds
Like pages of a book, rocks and stones reflect the forbidden ecstasy
Stories of oppression and humiliation are carved in everyone's minds

My land, like yours, deeply rooted in mountains high since prehistoric time
Hills and valleys tell of the pain and endurance that many generations have undergone
How wonderful! a nation did exist, yet its identity is alien
just like mine
Regardless of noted historical facts, likewise, my own being is dipped into the undone

You expressed the love of life, peace, justice and dignity
Your dream about the nation, the flag, independence and liberty
Your poems, my favorite song, bring about admiration
With the power of the pen you fought injustice and occupation

Your lyrics depict the intensity the oppressor imposed on the people of the land
Your words brought forth the stories of the oppressed with sincerity
Lovers everywhere admire your courage; antagonists show nothing but reprimands With the power of the pen you conquered the sense of obscurity

I can see you being me, for I share the same expression and dream
My struggle, deeply embedded and intertwined with yours, won't stop

It is sad to transit from alienation to isolation as a stranger in a foreign land
Where the real character is fighting the specter of mistaken identity
Where ignorance and fear of the unknown become the law at hand
Where the clear sun is transformed into ambiguous verity