Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Rounded Up


Son of Mountains

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Son of Mountains

Waiting for Mercy

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Waiting for Mercy




I Am Looking

I am looking for spring
to see trees blooming,
to see our burned land
turn green with flowers,
to see birds
singing for a new life
building nests
making love
bringing a new generation

I am looking for freedom.
I want to see
an end to jail and humiliation,
see the flag, the state,
the map of my nation,
see the end
of the army's occupation

I am looking for my children to grow.
I am eager
to tell them my story
with my people's history,
I want them to understand
what has happened
and why we are in
this current situation

I am looking to see the day
when pens replace weapons,
when philosophers instead of generals
lead nations,
when by mind, not desire,
by heart, not ego,
they will make decisions!

I am looking
to see a new generation
of peacemakers,
justice lovers,
human rights activists
to renew and bring back
the motto and the spirit
of the French revolution:
Liberty! Equality! Brotherhood!

I am looking for mercy,
waiting for God
to wash away people's sins,
clear their hearts,
guide them to live together
like they are human beings