Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Dada Gian

Dear Sisters,
You must take great care.
We are living in the Jungle.
What you see before you may be a trap.
When some men show you their teeth,
Don't be fooled - it's not really smiles and laughter.
Out of desire they may talk kindly,
But certainly it's not Love they intend!
They are without hearts; their lives are ugly.
They will become sad, mad and jealous
Whenever they see beauty.

Dada Gian,
I really understand.
Love, mercy and kindness
Are your nature, a gift of God.
I do not want you to change that.
Better to keep and guard them.

For centuries, across the seas
In all the third world countries,
You are the victims and prisoners
Of ignorance and of ignorant culture.
Today in the West,
Out of politics, greed, and Men’s pleasure -
You are still victims,
And millions are already lost.


In Kurdish “Dada Gian” means Dear Sister. This is the way I address Kathy, Lynne and Jeanne – who are my sisters, and this poem is dedicated to them and to all Adam’s daughters.