Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Rounded Up


Son of Mountains

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Son of Mountains

Waiting for Mercy

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Waiting for Mercy




Don't Be Sad

What happened is over
Yesterday is past
Now it’s part of history
It will not come back forever

Don’t be sad
What is coming, is coming!
Do not take any sorrow
Do not allow the fear
To cover your mind
Or destroy your heart
Just because something
May happen tomorrow!

Don’t be sad, don’t be grave
Face the new reality
Struggle hard, with patience,
Remain strong and brave

Don’t be sad
Stay happy
Think positive
Even when things go bad
This is the nature of life
Nothing will remain the same
Change is coming
Do what you can
And leave the rest for God.

March 2008

* This poem is written in inspiration of the book Don’t Be Sad, and I dedicate it to its author, Sheikh al-Qarni.