Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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CMU (a song)

see, see, see me and you.
"C" is crazy, "M" for Muslim,
"U"––why you? Can you ask them?

Make a request, get a PB8,
then a PB9, go ahead.
PB10, 11, then go to court,
get the same answer: you're denied.

We live in this great country,
people are equal and free
under one God, under one sun,
all are happy, they have fun.

Round up Muslims together,
separate them––they are danger.
They have no rights whatsoever,
keep them locked down forever.

Guantanamo, ADX,
Bagram and Abu Ghraib,
and CMUs, with all other SHUs,
are the centers for torture.

We send our youth overseas
to fight for human dignity,
but here at home, in the name of security,
we treat Muslims differently.

Behold our democracy!
It's politics and hypocrisy.
No more dreams in this land,
no chance, no opportunity.

*Communication Management Unit. There are two such units in federal prisons: one at Terre Haute, Indiana, the other at Marion, Illinois. Yassin has been in both.

Note from Steve Downs (1/1/08):
Yassin sent me the words to a song that he sang for their CMU Eid celebration, using an old Kurdish tune. (He wanted to sing me the song over the phone, but we were cut off). He has apparently gained some fame in the CMU as the "Singing Imam." I have attached the song for your New Year's pleasure.