Rounded Up - Artificial Terrorists and Muslim Entrapment after 9/11

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Son of Mountains

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Waiting for Mercy

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Please Come Back


I was alone, sad and grief-stricken,
Tears running through the night,
Looking to the door, waiting for you.
Why you did not appear, I never knew.

I wanted to sleep, and see you in my dreams,
But now the tears won’t let me close my eyes.
I brought the pen intending to write you a letter,
But tears kept me from putting the words together.

Loneliness is bad only for God*
What is the body for if there is no heart?
Please don’t leave me here, where I am a stranger.
My Dear, you know I am your sincere Lover.

Till my last breath I will still be waiting
To see you again in the visiting room,
I open my heart and show you what lies within,
You will see what real loneliness means.

I hope you will come, give me some relief,
Before I die, full of sadness and grief.
I don’t want to take this pain to the grave,
I believe I will suffer even after death.

*Kurdish saying.


by Yassin Aref